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Andy Pawlowski


My Picture
The Brief Biography: I was born in Sweden, shipwrecked outside of Cork, Ireland on the way to becoming a Canadian at the age of 2. Lived on a docked ship before my family sailed to New York when I was 4, where I gained notoriety by jamming an escalator with my teddy bear. I grew up in Boonville, Indiana, attended Purdue University, from where I enlisted in the Navy- my way of avoiding the draft - for the next 8 1/2 years. I traveled to exotic places like Great Lakes, Il., Ft. Monmouth, NJ., Subic Bay/Cubi Point in the Philippines, Treasure Island, (San Francisco, CA), the beautiful Island of Diego Garcia in the British Indian Ocean Territories, and Naples, Italy - where I finished my Naval adventure. I liked Naples so much I stayed for almost 14 years - 10 of them with Motorola Communications. Then off to California and the San Diego area for another 25 years with Motorola, where I retired. I moved to the Carson City, Nevada area where I am getting back to activities I had dropped over the last few years - square dancing, ballroom dancing, skiing, bowling, pocket billards, and flying. All these activities interupted by travel of course! Ihave travelled to Antarctica, taken a World Cruise and the Grand European River Cruise from the Black Sea to Amsterdam. And, of course interspersed with trips to the UK visitng my twin Goddaughters.

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