Day 4- Amalfi Drive and Sorrento
The Alley

The AlleyUp the street to the Duomo in Salerno.
The Duomo -- dedicated to St. Matthew

The Duomo -- dedicated to St. Mathew The Duomo Cathedral in Salerno. The center doors are 11 th century bronze cast in Constantinople.
The flying skull

The flying skullThe Duomo Cathedral holds this interesting marble structure.
Mid morning break

Mid morning break Rose having a cafe latte.
Ted leaving a local bar in Salerno

Ted leaving a local bar in SalernoTed getting ready to wipe down his seat at the outdoor table. It had just stopped raining.

Amafi Looking down on Amalfi. We missed the turn into the village.
Amalfi Coast Backdrop

Amalfi Coast BackdropTaking the opportunity for that Kodak moment
Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Ted and I using partaking in a Kodak moment.

AmalfiA Panoramic view of Amalfi
Ceramic Shop

Ceramic Shop Had to stop and pick up some ceramics.
The Giant Lemons

The Giant LemonsRose had to buy and munch down on a giant lemon.

Positano The crowds in Positano
Boat Trip

Boat TripLunch in Positano. Ted wanted to take a Rubber Boat to Capri, but I discouraged him. I told him he would have to row by himself.
My Pizza Saltimboca Panino.

My Pizza Saltimboca Panini. Enjoying Saltimboca in a new way!
Jasmine and me.

Jasmine and me.It had been 10 years, but Jasmine recognized me when I came into her shop. She never forgets people.
The "Farmacia" in Sorrento

"The" Farmacia in Sorrento Nicola wanted us to look up this shop in Sorrento. Here it is Nicola!--- The story when we get back!
Sorrento -- Piazza Tasso

Sorrento -- Piazza TassoA night shot of the main square in Sorrento.
Fauno Bar in Sorrento

Fauno Bar in Sorrento Stopped to enjoy an imbibment in Piazza Tasso.
Break Time

Break TimeI believe this was in the Fauno Bar in the main square.- Rose enjoying a cafe latte.
One for the road

One for the road Resting up and enjoying a beer at Fauno's.
Ted and I carrying our purchases

Ted and I carrying our purchasesTed and I broke down and each of us bought a wood inlay. Ted seems to be having second thoughts.
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