Day 14 Florence/Venice

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Entrance to the Uffizi

Wild Boar

Duomo from the Uffizi

Palazzo Vecchio from the Uffizi

Statue of Perseus near the Uffizi

Bridge near the Bus Terminal

Down the Grand Canal

Along the Grand Canal

Rose taking in the view

Ted and Andy on the water taxi

Rialto Bridge

Going under the Rialto Bridge

Rose as we passed under the Rialto Bridge

Gondola on the Grand Canal

View along the Grand Canal

The Bell Tower St Mark's Square

Bridge of Sighs

Duomo at St Marks Square

St Marks Square

Palazzo Ducale

Listening to the Band

Rose seated at the Cafe Florian

Andy & Ted outside our eatery

Andy and Ted at Cafe Florian


Andy and Ted on a canal bridge

Rose on a canal bridge

Ted and Rose on the Rialto Bridge

Rose and Andy on the Rialto Bridge

The evening's favorite vine!