Goodbye Amsterdam – on to the UK

Took an early walk today to the Portuguese Synagogue- oldest synagogue in Amsterdam,  and the Jewish Historic Museum, It was too early to enter. Nothing opens till 10 AM.

I did pass by a market that was about to open near the Opera House found the Rembrandt corner, and looked for the most interesting thing in the Sailor’s Quarter (in the daytime) – the Old Church! Returned to the Hotel and checked out. parting shot-the cow on my hotel floor!

So now its off to  check out of the hotel, lunch and a ride to the airport!

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Amsterdam – Day 2

Today, Sunday June 14th we said our goodbyes to the MS Treasures and headed to the Intercontinental Amstel Hotel for check in. We were dropped off at the hotel at 10 AM but could not check in until 2 PM. I took a walk to the Heineken Museum and took the Heineken Experience tour

and then had lunch across the street from the hotel at 1:30 PM.

After checking in at the hotel, I needed an afternoon nap. At 5 PM I took a walk around the city, then had dinner (consisting of a small flat fish served whole that needed to have the bones removed) at a small cafe and then back to the hotel at 9 PM for a night cap before calling it a night.

(Pics later)

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

So here we are at out trip’s final destination – Amsterdam! We arrived on Saturday June 13th and took a bus tour o f the city.

Then we visited the Rijks Museum for a tour of famous Dutch painters and after a canal boat tour with lunch. I then took a walk through the city, waked around the flower market and the Dam. I then stopped for a snack and local Heineken beer before heading back to the ship at 5:30 PM. We were entertained by a musical trio called “La Strada” .

Tomorrow I check into the Intercontinental Amstel  and more walking tours of the city.

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Cologne, Germany (Koln)


City Mode



We arrived in Cologne on June 12th. Got to town shortly before 9 AM and got the guided tour of the center of the city, the Roman – Germanic Museum and the Cathedral.





The people are a little anti government as you can see with the man sticking is tongue out when the clock tower chimes and the “moon”  next to the blue building.

I later looked up the “4711 cologne ” perfume store and then took a tour of the Chocolate Museum.

I stopped into the Peter’s Brauhaus for a taste of Cologne’s beer before heading back to the ship. We set sail for Amsterdam at 1:30 PM.

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Rudesheim, Germany

(pictures finally uploaded!)

After sailing all day yesterday, we arrived on the Rhine and Rudesheim this morning. 20150611_104851_9533This the beginning of the Middle Rhine and where the Robber Barons of the Middle Ages established  castles along the river to extort tolls from river travelers. We walked around town in the morning, took the tram up to the Monument of the Watcher of the Rhine and had lunch at the Rudesheimer Schloss Restaurant. where I participated in tasting schnapps Fred from Frankfurt joined me at the restaurant and we later had a drink of the local brandy and an ice cream before I headed back to the ship. Then we cruised along the river towards Cologne through “castle row”. Along the route we made a surprise stop at Koblenz and took a brief walking tour.

I still have 5 0r 6 pictures of castles between Rudesheim and Cologne which I haven’t posted.

Tomorrow its Cologne.

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Cruising down the Main River

Today was sailing day – stops except in the locks! I caught up on posting Rothenburg photos. Later in the day we did have a demonstration of glass blowing. In the evening after dinner we had a game of Majority Rules. Just a “do nothing day” before a stop tomorrow in Rudesheim, Germany.

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Wurzburg and Rothenburg


Yesterday we sailed to Wurzburg. In the morning some of us took the coach to “fairy-tale” city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The city is completely surrounded by a wall with several entry gates.

St Jacob’s Cathedral above.

Then there was the Old Craftsman’s House from the 13th Century

Later I visited the Medieval Crime Museum – or better  described as the “weapons of torture museum.

Some Photos of Wurzburg.

In the late afternoon we did wine tasting at Staatlicher Hofkeller in Wurzburg:

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Bamberg, Germany

20150608_081545_1677We were off to town at 9:30 this morning on June 8th, for our colorful walking tour of Bamberg. We viewed the Green Market, which is open 6 days a week. Observed white asparagus -normal here, the think green asparagus is odd.

We then passed by the Old Town Hall,

the Imperial Cathedral,

the Old Court,

the Rose Garden,

and the Prince-Bishop’s New Residence.

We then tasted the smoked Bamberg beer(“lagniappe”) and had bratwurst.

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Nuremberg, Germany (Nurnberg)

After leaving the town of Regensburg, we entered the beginning of the Main-Danube Canal at Kelheim. It is about 106 miles. and has 16 locks. We crossed over the continental divide at about 5:30 this morning and have passed through an aqueduct on the canal.

We have arrived 3 hours early to Nuremburg. We will still have lunch on board before exploring Medieval Nuremburg. We were bused around town and stopped at the Imperial palace. This was the las day of a beergarden festival. We toured the palace and then went into the center of twon to see the Town Hall. We passed the Bratworsthausle kitchen where their bratworst is a direct rival to the sausages of Regensburg. It is closed on Sunday so off to the Brautwurst Roslien we went for a bratwurst meal. We visited the what was supposed to be a gargoyle-adorned golden statue fountain called the Schoner- Brunnen (Beautiful Fountain),but it was under construction. I have a picture of the ring in it that is supposed to be lucky if rubbed. We walked around St Sebaldus church, which is a mixture of Catholic and Lutheran style.

Back at the ship we played Trivia tonight. Alas, our team came in 3rd. But I already have the prize MS Treasures cap from the last time we played and won.Had dinner at the ships Bistro-French cuisine tonight-.

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Regensburg, Germany

Today we walked around in the village of Regensburg

and toured the Palace of Turin and Taxis. No pictures were allowed inside the palace

.After leaving the palace we walked through the farmers’s market and then waited in line at the Historic Sausage Kitchen (Wurstkuche) on the Stone Bridge for a grilled sausage. I sampled one with sauerkraut and croissant, instead of the traditional six-pack,  because I didn’t know how long the waiter service would take so I stood in line for a kind of self service.

Then back to the ship for departure. We had a quartet from the Regensburg Boys Choir perform. They were slightly older boys!

The Boy's Choir Quartet

The Boy’s Choir Quartet

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